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Parenting behavioral problems in children and adolescents can be trying. Has your adolescent developed oppositional behavior or have anger management problems? Some troubled youth become stuck in the juvenile justice system because of delinquency or bullying. Perhaps your small child has disruptive school interactions or general difficulties with social skills. Children from various age levels respond to uncomfortable events differently. Young children often result in poor school performance. Additionally, ADHD symptoms are often similar to the reactions to traumatic experiences, abuse, and fear. Some experiment with or try to cope with self-harm behaviors while others have body image issues.

Our therapists can not only guide you through the maze of parenting skills required to navigate these difficult times but also help your troubled youth develop different ways of coping with today's complex world. Therapists can utilize a variety of approaches, including CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to help the entire family while young children can be helped through play therapy.

Some difficulties children experience include sadness, bereavement, anxiety, depression, aggression, and mental performance. These problems can be related to family changes or problems like a split up, illness or death. Therapists in our practice are interested in your particular circumstances and will individualize an effective treatment plan.